nVent RAYCHEM ACS-30-EU-Moni-RMM2-E remote monitoring module

Prezentare generală

ACS-30-EU-Moni-RMM2-E (RMM) - Additional sensor inputs for ACS-30

The ACS-30 Remote Monitoring Module (RMM) is used to collect sensor/temperature inputs for monitoring of the heat tracing circuits of an ACS-30 control system.

The RMM provides:

  • Up to 8 sensor inputs per module with feedback to the ACS-30-EU-UIT2 interface.
  • Multiple RMM devices communicate with a single User interface terminal (UIT), providing centralised monitoring feedback.
  • A single twisted pair RS-485 cable connects up to 16 RMM units.
  • Up to 128 additional temperature monitoring sensor inputs per ACS-30-EU-UIT2.

Specificaţii tehnice

Approvals CE
Ambient Operating Temperature -25°C to +60°C.
Dimensions 290mm x 190mm x 94mm
IP Rating IP66
No. of RTDs per module 8
Connection method RS485 (screened, twisted pair) to UIT or PCM module.
Connection and Protection