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Flow Maintenance

Greasy waste lines are pipes used for the disposal of waste oils and fats from kitchens and catering facilities. The right trace-heating cable and controls can maintain these lines at the right temperature to guarantee a continuous flow all the way to the grease trap.

Pipe flow maintenance trace-heating system

Heating a fluid lowers its viscosity so that it can move through a pipe. To maintain flow in greasy waste lines, nVent Thermal Management Building Solutions offers nVent RAYCHEM self-regulating trace-heating cables, with chemical resistant fluoropolymer jackets and energy efficient controllers.

Grease line waste disposal with grease traps

To keep a fat, oil & grease mixture (FOG) in suspension from the kitchen to the grease interceptor, a grease-line flow maintenance system is designed to maintain a 43°C fluid temperature. The drains must exit the building to an exterior grease interceptor or trap, and must be maintained at temperature the entire distance to prevent the FOG from congealing. Typical applications include:

  • kitchen waste pipes
    used for the disposal of waste cooking oils and fats
  • greasy waste lines
    from commercial restaurants, pre-wash stations and floor drains
Reliable trace-heating technology

With decades of experience in designing and applying trace-heating systems in many industries around the world, you work with proven RAYCHEM technology and the highest quality.

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